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Do You Have Blog Overload?

Remember the promise of RSS? All that great content delivered right to your newsreader. And the great feeling each day when you'd see 100 or 1000 unread posts? All the world's information at your fingertips.

Overwhelmed by too big a blog list

Until your next deadline. No blog reading that day... or the next. (Or longer if you dare go on vacation.)

Remember that sense of dread at opening your feed reader? That feeling that you're missing something important as you "Mark All Read"?

Bscopes gives power users a tool to eliminate overload.

Introducing Bscope’s Heatmap

Bscopes Heatmap That Ranks Your List of Blogs

A Heatmap boils down a large amount of information about each feed in a topic to a simple score.

For each topic, Bscopes creates a color coded Heatmap which ranks each of the topic’s blogs on a scale from 1 to 10. View the entire topic as a picture (it’s worth a thousand blog posts)

Use a Heatmap to:

  • Organize a topical set of blogs, and
  • Assign a 1 (Cold) to 10 (Hot) score to each

We’ve created our own special secret sauce that combines important ingredients about each blog. We then weigh and measure them to create the Heatmap score.

The Result:

  • Know, instantly, which feeds need attention
  • Decide which feeds to ignore at a glance
  • Get back to the rest of your world quickly

Make It Your Own

Make Your List of Blogs into a Bscopes Heatmap

The real gain from Bscopes begins when you create a Personal Heatmap. Select blogs from over 40,000 already in Bscopes, add any URL, or import Google Reader feeds with one click.

Then Bscopes scores your blogs and displays your Personal Heatmap. Now you can:

  • Prioritize what is important. Based on the Heatmap score.
  • Read the blogs you want right from the Heatmap page. We display all that content right here. No leaving the site.
  • Comment on your Personal Heatmap or on any other Bscopes user’s Heatmap. Get social!
  • Receive updated content every day. Bscopes automatically refreshes your Personal Heatmap.
  • Personalize your blog reading. Mix and match pieces to reflect your interest.
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What Does Bscopes Look Like

  • Best List of Blogs in Every Topic
    List of existing Bscopes topics (800+)
  • Bscopes Heatmap Ranks Your List of Blogs
    Heatmap shows what blogs are hot
  • Scan List of Blogs by Post Score
    Detailed scores for each post by heat
  • Read each blog on your own list
    Read any post without leaving the page

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